Why Choose ISN
We are a unique institution with the main goal of providing international experience for students from all over the world.
Invest in your education by choosing ISN Prague.
We provide an unforgettable experience for young people from different nations and backgrounds to study and have fun together in a beautiful, supportive and safe environment of magnificent Prague. As well as language teaching at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, students are introduced to lots of inspiring European cities while enjoying a full program of sporting, creative and social activity.

There are many and varied challenges facing the young people of today around the world. For a better future, we need to create citizens who have 'global' outlooks.
Our programs encourage students to communicate in English through studies and making new friends from around the world, to try different activities, to learn to live and work with others, to get involved with an international community and, most importantly, to go beyond their own limits. There are many and varied challenges facing the young people of today around the world. For a better future, we need to create 'global' citizens who have 'global' outlooks. This is achieved through working and having fun with others from all over the world, to learn and respect other cultures, ideas, and philosophies.
We want to shape and influence the adults of tomorrow to create a better world for everyone. We focus on delivering high-quality programs and have full control of all aspects of the course. We are delighted that students return to us year after year to be part of our CISl family environment.

  • Mix of Nationalities
    ISN hosts students from more than 25 nationalities from all over the globe and provides unique opportunities to integrate with the various cultures and become a part of the international family.
  • International Family
    ISN developed a unique approach to high family values that reflected on our communication with students. We make each member of the ISN family feel comfortable, safe and confident with a new environment in a foreign country.
  • Skill Development
    We care for our students to develop in different fields and areas that's why we give each one a chance to choose something specific and grow in it with the help of ISN.
  • Academic Excellence
    Every student is unique and so are our teaching approaches. Our classes are held by native speakers and professionals in the educational field that developed effective ways of students' engagement.
  • 24/7 English Language
    ISN applies strict rules for compulsory communication only in the English language. So if you do not know how to say it in English, show it in English.
  • Real Life Experience
    Education does not only take place within the four walls of the classroom. Students obtain the most valuable lessons by the interaction with each other.

Our Programs
  • Summer Camp
    Enjoy a summer you will never forget!
  • Winter Camp
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