1st July - 31st July 2023
We are a unique institution with the main goal of providing international experience for students from all over the world.
Key Information
  • Ages 12-24
    Groups are then divided on age, gender, level on English etc.
  • 1st - 31st July
    Dates for the summer camp, you can come for 1 - 4 weeks.
  • 11 Cities
    Will be visited over the 4 week duration.
  • 4 Countries
    Will be visited over the 4 week duration.

Who are we?
We are young and it is our great advantage. Our innovative approach is far from standard as we move forward with the rapidly changing needs of today's youth. By running the only international summer camp in the entire Czech Republic, we are proving the fact that ambitions and the skills to adapt to fast-growing markets are more important than prevailing stereotypes. However, we have been very professional with years of experience behind us. We entered the educational field almost 10 years ago and since then we have been collecting ideas to create an environment where different nationalities and mentalities are respected, as well as family values.
What is included within our summer camp?
Contact us
Feel free to write and call us. Become a part of our ISN Family. We are here for you.
+420 777 979 444
Holeckova 3362/53,
150 00 Prague,
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